have you joined the sourdough revolution?


have you joined the sourdough revolution?

water   |   flour   |   salt   |   starter

one on one mentorships

take the frustration out of sourdough

Let's bake
bread together

the house is quiet, everyone has gone to bed, in the dim lights you put your hands in the dough and begin to knead

nostalgia sets in and you're transported to another place, at the elbow of your mother or grandmother, flour dusted on your cheeks, sticky dough on your hands

in the present you think, is there anything sweeter than baking bread?

why sourdough?

who is this for?

why a mentorship?

it's easy to digest because of the beneficial bacteria that breaks down the grain making it easier on the gut!

we designed this mentorship for those who are interested in learning how to bake fermented sourdough but would rather have hands on training than a course.

courses and live zooms are amazing! We incorporate some facets in our mentorship, however some people prefer and learn better with a more relational one on one learning experience.

what's included

Step by Step Videos

3 monthS
text support


online community

+ instructions

45 min
zoom call

to help guide you 

plus 2 extra replacements 

be part of the sourdough family

SOS moments or questions

for quick reference

to virtually walk you through the process or troubleshooting issues

Elaine is a mother of 5 and a grandmother (Gigi) to 5 as well! You'll often find her in the kitchen preparing delicious meals for her family.

Her sourdough experience began when her eldest daughter was dealing with health issues and needed a more digestible way to eat bread! Through trial and error and much research the fermenting process soon began to take. 

A natural-born teacher and chef, Elaine provides a relational-based mentorship program to make the learning journey easier! No need to dig through information, simply reach out for assistance. You get hands-on learning with the ability to ask your questions and troubleshoot any problems. She has now helped many women on their sourdough journey. 

Meet Elaine →

I'd love to help
you succeed in Sourdough


I'm in!

Things go wrong! We get it! With our mini mentorship you receive 3 months of text support and troubleshooting any issues you might have! 

3 month text support + troubleshooting


Lost and confused? Do you need someone to walk you step by step through the process of making your sourdough?

45 min zoom call


You will receive a package of sourdough starter, step-by-step video modules, and recipes plus access to our group community.

mini course


Learn about our mini mentorship

Thanks Elaine for teaching me how to make the BEST sourdough bread ever. Your tips & techniques have helped to make it easy to learn. Your recipe is the best sourdough my family has ever had. Thanks Elaine! 


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