Golden Hues at the Gathered with Molly and Devin

We obviously love weddings here at the Gathered, how the prairies are highlighted in the images. This wedding showcases the perfect sunset with those Alberta Golden Hues – something that we have become known for! The warm honey-dripped tones feel almost miraculous every time they show off their display. I am so pleased to share with you the wedding of Molly and Devin.

Also, this wedding was shot by one of our favourite photographers Jessica Crosariol who specializes in Golden Hues and sunset photos.

A big thank you to Molly for sharing thoughts about her day…

There were so many things to love about having our wedding at the Gathered. Alysa, Elaine and their team were absolutely amazing!! They answered all my questions and kept things so stress-free and easy. Alysa even helped to fix our decor and table numbers when she noticed it was set up incorrectly and offered to let us use some greenery that was left behind by another wedding on our tables!

This was so appreciated as our floral budget was limited. 

The flexibility of the Gathered was also amazing! The ability to use the entire space meant we could be as creative as we wanted with our plans.

When planning an outdoor wedding the biggest thing is to plan for a variety of weather conditions. But at the same time, it’s important not to stress because your wedding will be amazing rain or shine! 

a few tips…

A few small tips that I learned were to buy closed-toed shoes for yourself and the wedding party to avoid getting dirt in your shoes and in case it does rain. With an outdoor wedding, get creative when you plan. You have so much space to do different things and be as traditional or non-traditional as you want.

Our wedding also had a basket of flip-flops that lots of guests took advantage of. This helped keep the dancing going. 

Finally, the last tip is to strongly consider hiring a team to set up and take down your decor if this is not done through the venue.

The Food…

The food was absolutely amazing, guests are still talking about the warm potato salad! 


Thinking back on our wedding, one of my favourite moments was dancing with everyone on the dance floor! We wanted a relaxed event where people could eat, drink and have fun – and what better place to do that than The Gathered!

It was great to see everyone dancing and later in the evening relaxing around the fires. 

Golden Hues that make the heart swoon

Golden Hues at the Gathered





Golden Hues at the Gathered with Molly and Devin



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